Steven La Turco

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Steven La Turco is a TUSD product, enrolling in to Head Start in 1974 at Mission View Elementary School.  Moving out into the south west corner of Tucson, he enrolled at Warren Elementary School, Pistor Junior High, and Tucson High school.  He graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in 1992, and a Maters of Bilingual Bicultural Education in 2005.  He started working in 1992 at Robison Elementary with his Mentor Abe Aragon, and from there went on to work at 9 different schools K-8 as well as coaching at Pueblo High School for 10 years.  Mr. La Turco was hired as the Assistant Principal of Cragin Elementary School in 2005, Assistant Principal of Roskruge K-8 in 2008, and Principal of Manzo Elementary School in 2015.

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