School Photos - Manzo Market
Manzo Elementary students opened up their Manzo Market on April 3, inviting the community to drive up and get plants grown in the Manzo garden for a small donation. It's a wonderful opportunity for both students and the community to engage in sustainable practices and support the school.
A boy holds up a sign reading Manzo Market with the plants of the day listed.
A group of women pick out plants and eggs at the market
A boy runs down the sidewalk holding a potted plant
A man hands over money to a boy to pay for his plants
A Manzo staff member bags up veggies for a woman
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Why choose Manzo

At Manzo, we empower children to be future leaders. With innovative math and science initiatives and project-based learning, like our hands-on ecology project complete with on-site garden, greenhouse and animal habitat, our students become critical thinkers, problem solvers and lifelong learners. From the time students enter to the time they graduate, Manzo Elementary develops the whole student – preparing each child for greater heights of education, achievement and global citizenship. 

An award-winning Eco- School named Best Green School 2012 by the U.S. Green Buidling Council's Center for Green Schools. We pride ourselves in teaching our students to not only care for the earth, but also cultivate it by incorporating gardening skills as part of our core curriculum. 


An interavtive learning environment intergrating math and science curriculm with an on-site Ecology project. By combining interactive learning with green living, gardening and composting we provide innovative ways to teach and cooperation, problem solving and responsibility. 


An educational program that incorporates both English and Spanish languages and gives each student a more global perspective. We prepare our students for global engagement and interaction through this approach, ensuring that each child not only understands and masters material in one language, but two. 


A foundation of knowledge, experience, confidence and achievement that leads to unlimited opportunity. Our ultimate goal is for each Manzo student to reach their full potential, achieve success and graduate to dive head first into every future opportunities. 


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